About Indian Academy Pre-University College

Welcome to Indian Academy Pre-University College!

Established in 1999, Indian Academy Pre University College stands as a pinnacle in the realm of higher secondary education. Aligned with the Pre University Board, Govt. of Karnataka, the college offers comprehensive Science and Commerce courses during the pivotal two-year Pre University program.

Our campus, equipped with cutting-edge facilities, complements the expertise of our accomplished faculty. As an A-Grade institution, we not only uphold academic excellence but also instill confidence and clarity in our students, guiding them towards their aspirations. Our active sports program provides a platform for students to excel in various athletic competitions at different levels.

At Indian Academy, we recognize and nurture each child’s unique gift and aspirations, aiding them in realizing their full potential. The hallmark of our PU College lies in its distinguished faculty, dedicated to realizing the aspirations of our students. Offering three combinations in the Science stream and five in Commerce, our institution provides diverse opportunities for academic growth.

Our auditorium, capable of accommodating 500 individuals, and ICT-fortified classrooms showcase our commitment to a conducive learning environment.

Merit scholarships, an equal opportunity environment, in-house amenities like canteen and hostel facilities for outstation students, underline our commitment to inclusive education. Specialized labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Electronics, and Computer Science enhance both theoretical understanding and practical skills.

Value-added courses, such as cognitive coaching for Science students and software training for Commerce students, give our students a competitive edge. The “Integrated Science” curriculum, encompassing Pre University syllabus and competitive exams like JEE, NEET, and CET, highlights our holistic approach.

The college’s success stories, with students securing top ranks in state exams, validate our innovative teaching methods. Student clubs focusing on Literature, Commerce, Science, and Community services, along with personality development programs, amplify our commitment to holistic education.

Our NCC wing aims at character development, discipline, and instilling the spirit of adventure and selfless service. For accommodation, fully furnished hostels are available for both boys and girls in close proximity to the campus.

Indian Academy Pre University College: Nurturing Dreams. Fulfilling Aspirations.

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