I graduated from IAPUC in 2007, and I must say that this institution was truly life-changing. I’m so grateful for the education and knowledge that I received here. IAPUC is dedicated to academic achievements and lecturers were exceptional in their teachings. Lecturers played
a vital role during my college days. They celebrated our success, no matter how small, and provided constructive feedback, when necessary, always pushing us to do better. The diversity at IAGI was one of its strengths. I had the opportunity to collaborate with students from different cultural backgrounds like Sri Lankans, Nepalis & other students which extended my perspective and enriched my college experience. Participating and representing our college in the inter-college cultural fest filled me with immense pride. It was not just about competition; it was about showcasing the talent and spirit of our institution. The memories I made at IAGI will stay with me forever. I am proud to be an alumni of this esteemed institution, and I carry the values I learned with me in all aspects of my life. It’s a place where creativity is nurtured, skills are developed, and establishing lifelong connections.

Swapna S
Batch: 2005-2007
COO: Fanchise4 Sure Pvt.. Ltd.

Indian Academy is very close to my heart as I’ve spent 5 precious years at IAGI .I am delighted to share my experience of my college. My time at IAPUC was a transformative experience, and I believe this institution deserves recognition for its outstanding qualities. Whether it’s the library or laboratories, the college ensures that students have access to all the resources. Also, allows us to participate in multiple activities, such as sports, inter-collegiate cultural events, NSS etc. So that we can excel academically and personally.
The faculty members at IAPUC are not only experts in their respective fields but also genuinely care about the success of their students. They are approachable, always willing to help, and go the extra mile to ensure that we receive the guidance and support we need. I was able to participate and achieve in my sports career by representing Bangalore University to All India University and Karnataka State for Senior Nationals Boxing federation and securing medal in South India Boxing Championship and multiple other events. Thank you IAGI faculties for being the biggest support system that helped me achieve my desired goals.

Prashanth K
Batch: 2005-2007
Founder & CEO: Franchise4 Sure Pvt. Ltd.

I am truly grateful for the invaluable experiences I gained during my PUC years. One of the highlights was the opportunity to collaborate with students from different countries. This experience not only broadened my horizons but also taught me the importance of diverse perspectives in problem-solving and teamwork.
Additionally, I had the privilege of participating in various contests, which honed my skills in critical thinking, creativity, and perseverance. These contests not only challenged me to push my limits but also instilled a sense of determination and a passion for continuous improvement.
I must also extend my heartfelt appreciation to the exceptional lecturers who guided me throughout this journey. Their dedication, knowledge, and unwavering support were instrumental in shaping my educational experience.

Mohammed Irfan
Batch: 2003-2005
Author, Co-Founder: Skill Drives

I am thrilled to write this testimonial about my journey from Indian Academy to my current position as a Chartered Accountant specializing in Business Valuations and Consulting. My name is Subham Pareekh, and I am immensely grateful for the invaluable experiences and knowledge I gained during my time at Indian Academy.
I pursued my Pre-University Course (PUC) at Indian Academy, which served as the initial stepping stone toward my higher education and career aspirations. The strong foundation I received during my PUC years played a crucial role in shaping my academic and professional trajectory.
Indian Academy introduced me to the course of Chartered Accountancy and changed my life in profound ways. It was during my time at Indian Academy that I discovered my passion for accounting and finance.
Upon completing my PUC, I decided to pursue a career in Chartered Accountancy, a path that aligned perfectly with my interests and ambitions. The faculty at Indian Academy continued to support and guide me as I embarked on this challenging journey. Their dedication to teaching and commitment to the success of their students were truly inspiring.
I am proud to say that I am now a Chartered Accountant, and my specialization lies in Business Valuation. Currently, I am working as a part of the Business Valuation team at one of India’s top 10 Chartered Accountancy firms. In my role, I perform business valuations for a diverse range of start-ups, both Indian and U.S.-based companies. Additionally, I provide consultancy services to venture capital funds, assisting them in making informed investment decisions.
This achievement would not have been possible without the rigorous coursework, practical insights, and strong foundation I received at Indian Academy. The decision to specialize in Business Valuation was a natural progression of my passion for finance and accounting. The skills I honed during my time at Indian Academy have been instrumental in my current role.
Today, I look back with gratitude at the formative years I spent at Indian Academy. The
knowledge, skills, and values instilled in me during my time there continue to serve as a strong foundation for my professional endeavors. I am excited about the future and the opportunities that lie ahead.
I am deeply proud to be an alumnus of Indian Academy, and I carry the institution’s legacy with me in every aspect of my career. The education and experiences I received at Indian Academy have positioned me for success in my chosen field. I am excited to continue my pursuit of excellence in the field of finance and business valuations.

In closing, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Indian Academy for its unwavering support and guidance throughout my academic journey. I am excited to continue my journey as a Chartered Accountant and am proud to have started it at Indian Academy.

Subham Pareekh
Batch: 2012-2014
Chartered Accountant

I am delighted to share my journey as an alumnus of Indian Academy PU College, and how this institution played a pivotal role in shaping my career and life. My name is Syed Yunus, and I had the privilege of completing my 1st and 2nd PU education at Indian Academy.
My time at Indian Academy was a transformative period in my life. The college provided not just academic excellence, but also a holistic environment that nurtured character and leadership qualities. The dedicated faculty and staff were instrumental in my personal and intellectual growth. Their unwavering support and guidance helped me lay a strong foundation for my future endeavors.
After graduating from Indian Academy, I pursued higher education in B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering). The strong academic background and critical thinking skills I developed during my time at IAPUC served as a solid base for my further studies. Armed with this knowledge, I ventured into the corporate world, and today, I am proud to serve as the Founder and CEO of Plentra Technologies Pvt Ltd a technology company that is based in Bangalore.
Our company has expanded its reach globally, with collaborations and partnerships with companies in the United Kingdom, Central America, Africa, and Asia. This international presence has been possible due to the principles of excellence, innovation, and teamwork instilled in me during my time at Indian Academy. The education and values imparted at this esteemed institution have been my guiding light throughout my career.
Indian Academy PU College not only focuses on academic excellence but also fosters a culture of leadership and community engagement. These values have been integral to my journey, enabling me to not only succeed in the corporate world but also give back to the community through various philanthropic initiatives.
I want to express my deepest gratitude to the Indian Academy family – the teachers, staff, and fellow students – who contributed to my growth and success. The friendships and memories I made during my time at Indian Academy are cherished treasures that I carry with me to this day.
In conclusion, Indian Academy PU College has been instrumental in shaping me into the person I am today. It provided the knowledge, values, and opportunities that enabled me to reach new heights in my career. I will forever be grateful to this institution and its wonderful community.

Syed Yunus
Batch: 2016-2018
Founder and CEO: Plentra Technologies Pvt Ltd

Looking back on my education in Indian Academy PU College, one word that comes to mind is exceptional. I found the classes and knowledge taught to be rewarding in every aspect, resulting to immediate success in my career upon graduation.
One of the greatest things with the IAPUC is the professors. They truly understand the merging of lectures and real-world examples to review while learning different topics in the subject. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing ongoing current events through the lens of lecture material in PUC.

Since graduating, I feel I use the knowledge learned from my PUC every day in my career. I feel IAPUC prepared me for what I would face once entering the job market, allowing me to hit the ground running and have success in various roles so far. I currently sit as the Founder Director Of Niralya Studios’ Creating Name and Fame in the Field of Fashion. My career has blossomed in the Business Intelligence space, solely due to the foundations of the PU curriculum that allowed me to build on all the unique classes in the Business and To lead an ethical lifestyle. I have Had Great Memories in College which I still cherish, The Constant encouragement of my Teachers are a Blessing which I will count forever.
I am proud to be a part of such a great institution and call myself a falcon.
I Thank My Chairman, Secretary & my teachers for Making me Get Ready For Life.

Ranjeetha Sundhar
Fashion Designer & Celebrity Stylist

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